Physician Referrals

If you are a physician or optometrist with a patient to refer to Dr. Damiano, please contact our office directly at:

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About the Referral Process

What is an eye surgery referral?

Most people visit their optometrist to address common eye problems. However, one of the most important functions performed by an optometrist is the diagnosis of progressive eye conditions, diseases and vision issues that require surgery.

A visit to your optometrist will typically include an eye examination and treatment such as prescription medications and corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Some progressive eye conditions will eventually need to be treated with eye surgery. In such cases, your optometrist will provide a referral to a trusted eye surgeon who is a specialist in your condition.

Why is an eye surgery referral necessary?

It is normal for optometrists, physicians and healthcare practitioners to refer their patients to specialists. Eye doctors must work together to provide comprehensive services and manage pre- and post-operative care. When eye conditions require surgical intervention, it is essential for doctors to connect patients with specialists like Dr. Damiano who can take their treatment to the next level.

Over time, doctors develop relationships with professionals they trust. A patient referral makes it much easier for you to receive the treatment you need and for your doctors to work together to ensure you receive optimal results.

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